The absolutely best craft beer around

Stump's Maple-smoked porter 6% ABV

One of the first signs of the spring thaw and the return of the Sun is the sight of sweet sap dripping from the mighty maple tree.  This beer celebrates the sugar shack and the end of the dark days of winter.

wishin' 2B fishin' 5.7% ABV

No matter the season, you’ll love this beer.  Made with honey, oranges and coriander, fisherman everywhere will find the perfect sunset in each glass.


This table beer is an American-style lager, effervescent but still full of flavor, and a sure crowd pleaser.

Orange, Mango & Galena IPA              8.1% ABV


OMG! It’s what you will say when you taste this (O)range, (M)ango IPA brewed with (G)alena hops. You’ll stay “hoppy” to the last sip.

Sandusky Bay IPA 5.0% ABV

Inspired by warm summer breezes blowing onshore over the cool water of Sandusky Bay, you’ll find this refreshingly drinkable session IPA outstanding and well-balanced.

sandusky bicentenni-ale 5.4% ABV

In commemoration of the vision of our earliest settlers, raise your glass and toast Sandusky’s rich history and amazing future—because our ale is golden and so is our city!

sandtown chocolate coffee stout. 5.4% abv

Soft undertones of malts make this a slightly dry stout with plenty of mouth feel, to the delight of chocolate and coffee lovers everywhere.   

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